Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm so proud of myself! I've actually succesfully made it through 5 straight days of juicing! And I'm so in love!

Since my first not so tasty juice I've had much more success. I have kept my veggie juice pretty consistent (mostly because I needed to use up all the produce I bought) but tomorrow will be time for a change up because I'm due for another round of shopping.

Last night I juiced my first pineapple. It came out much more frothy than the other fruits. You could almost eat it with a spoon! My goodness it tastes amazing, so sweet I would drink it for desert!

My goals for this week:

Buy a few more mason jars (and not, not to be trendy) they have been the most useful thing with my juice! They clean MUCH easier than storing juice in reusable water bottles. They make taking juice with me so easy and allow me to make more than one batch at a time. I juice the night before when I have to be at work early in the morning, that way I'm not making too much noise, or wasting too much time in the mornings.

Try a few new variations of veggies! I love the juice I've been drinking all week, but I don't want to get too used to the same thing. So maybe I'll get brave and throw some beets in the mix this week.

J is starting to embrace the juicing, he definitely loves the fruit juices! Now if only I can get him to drink the mean green veggie machine! I took it upon myself to mix him up one of each this morning and hopefully he will actually try both tonight!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Juice Day #2

Today was my day off, and I have to admit after working til 3:30 am the last two nights I slept most of my day away. The boyfriend made me a wonderful breakfast so I skipped the juice but tonight I whipped up a double batch of veggie and fruit juices, drank one of each for today and packed the extra's away for tomorrow at work.

Veggie Juice #2
This veggie juice was INCREDIBLE! I don't know if the kale really threw my taste buds off yesterday, or if adding an extra piece of fruit made all the difference but I chugged this juice down almost as fast as my fruit juice! I shall no longer avoid broccoli in the grocery store!

Veggie Recipe #2:
1 Celery stalk
1 small broccoli head
1 handful spinach
1 apple
1 pear

Fruit Juice #2
Today's juice was very similar to yesterdays, but instead of starfruit I used strawberries. I have to admit it was a bit tart, next time I might use one less orange or perhaps just wait until strawberry season when the berries will be sweeter!

Fruit Juice #2
3 Oranges
1 Nectarine
6 Strawberries

Friday, February 17, 2012

This was my breakfast! Kale, Spinach, Celery, Carrots and an Apple! Juice #1 was a success!

I'm so incredibly impressed with my Breville Juice Fountain! It have to admit it was a bit of a struggle to drink my breakfast, not sure if it's because I was feeling a little sick this morning, or my body just isn't used to drinking (or eating!) so many vegetables...but i had to choke it down a little. But I suppose if I upped my fruits to veggies ratio a little it would probably make a big difference. Either way, it was worth it! It feels good knowing I'm packing my body full of all this goodness to start my morning out!

Before heading in to work the closing shift at the bar I whipped up a quick juice boost to get me through the night. I used 3 oranges, 1 nectarine and 1 starfruit. I wish I could just live off the fruit juices, it was amazing! I wished I'd taken 2 or 3 of them to work that night!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dear 2012:

Dear 2012,

I have some big plans for you!

Step One: Juice based diet! Finally ordered a juicer and starting next week I will have a whole new diet! I can't wait to reap the benefits of a fruit and veggie based diet. I've been looking at a lot of different diet plans and I think I will be settling on the juice + meal plan...meaning I still eat dinner (mind you it will have to be a balanced, fresh, healthy meal) I may try the juice fast just as a cleanse, but I can't picture living purely on juice...I think I would miss chewing!

Step Two: Seriously put my dog treat/food making skills to use and try to come up with a legit product that I could market and maybe make a few bucks off! It may just be more of a hobby, but I have to admit I LOVE baking/cooking for Zoe...and it was so awesome to be able to share some treats with my family and friends for their loved K9 friends.

Step Three: Promote the crap outta my boyfriend...he is such a talented artist, and he does well already with his shows here in Portland...but I would LOVE to really get his work out there online and in other cities. We finally put together an Etsy account for him this month, and I'm really trying to stay on top of his blog...slowly but surely fine tuning the little things that make a big difference!

Step Four: Thanks to Pinterest I have been more inspired in the last month that I have been in a few years, and for that I am very grateful! I think my last goal for this year is going to be to take some of the things I've made, or been really inspired by and share them here with all of you.

Sounds simple enough right?! Lets just hope I can stay motivated...

<3 jules