Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the begining of something wonderful

so, i must say, i'm excited for this new blog. I've thought about starting one for quite some time now...but just never really got around to it. But I've just had so much on my mind and heart lately and could really use a place to here goes!

So, I've been painting, drawing, and writing again. And it feels so good to have those creative juices flowing...that part of me was dormant for far too long. First I'll clarify with saying that I am so not an artist, and by no means a writer, but i find both very relaxing and therapeutic. The more I let my creative mind wander the more I realize I truly am a dreamer. Always have been, always will be. I believe in fairytales and happily ever afters...but not the stories you hear as a child. I don't believe in evil witches, pumpkins turning into chariots, magic spells, or picture perfect love lives with prince charming. But I believe there is a bit of truth behind each and every one of those things.

I'm living a real life fairytale with the greatest author of all time, God. I think I'll take the time to explain all the elements of my story as they come up in further posts...but tonight you will get the "once upon a time." It's hard to believe the changes I've seen in myself in the past few years...all the flaws and failures that came to light, the decisions that led me down a path i never imagined taking. But I'd rather not dwell on that and focus on the part where things turn around and this lucky girl was given a second chance. It's amazing how God does that. Wipes away our flaws, forgives us for all our sins..and so much more. It didn't take a kiss from prince charming to wake me from my took a big reality check, and an awesome God to soften my heart of stone. So here I am, starting an exciting new chapter in my book....and I can't wait to see what has been written in the next few pages....


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