Tuesday, January 27, 2009

my god! have you eaten the crew?!

week one into my adventures abroad has consisted of an awful sleeping pattern, far too many naps, lots of tea, missing home, paying way too much for anything and everything, a couple good trips to the pub and seeing some sweet familiar faces.

adjusting to an 8 hour time change is much easier said than done. I thought I was adjusting well when my second morning here i was able to get up at 10 am...last trip over it took be at least a week to be able to get up before noon. but i was wrong. by noon i was ready for a nap. i think i've had a good 2-3 hour nap each day so far. I dunno if it's the jetlag, nerves, anxiety, or as matt says the wierd atmosphere here...but I've been having incredibly vivid wierd dreams since I got here and wake up exhausted, and upset. Sunday night I had only been asleep for about an hour when i woke up from a dream bawling, feeling exhausted, and like the room was literally spinning. not a fun way to wake up :/ i didn't get back to sleep til 6:30 the next morning...and slept in til half 3 (3:30) that afternoon. So last night I decided to stay in rather than go to the pub and try to get a good nights sleep. which i did...a good 12 hours worth of good sleep!

I miss home terribly...or rather i miss people from home. Especially Jenna and Stephen. If i could have packed them in my suitcases and brought them with i wouldn't miss home all that much i don't think. except of course that everything here is so rediculously expensive. i paid 2 pound 20 for a small mocha the other day which doesn't sound awful...until you convert it to dollars...$4.50 for a small mocha...yikes. apparently i'll be sticking to tea while i'm here! What I wouldn't do for a good vanilla soy chai from my favorite espresso world though...

I'll be moving over to York this weekend, Saturday I believe. I'm quite excited for the move...i know it will take some adjusting to, and i'm nervous about living with strangers and not having my own space to retreat to...but it will be an experience that's for sure! England is still as green and beautiful as I remember. I don't think I would ever tire of the beautiful brick buildings. And we've even had pretty decent weather since i've been here. Walked home in the rain once from the pub and today it has been raining off and on all afternoon but it's not been too bad. I can't wait to explore York. I've heard it's just beautiful (but can be very cold...)

well, i'm off to walk down to stockton heath to meet matt in a few since he's just got out of college for the day. I think I shall leave you with this:

English lessons learned this week:

eggy bread = french toast

bacon buddies = best breakfast ever. bacon (but english bacon...much better than our awful american crap) egg on toast sandwhich with some ketchup or whatever sauce you may like on it..mmmm so good!

salad cream = an awful mayo like spread (I'm still not sure how or when you eat the stuff)

and most importantly the scottish are impossible to understand

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