Friday, January 30, 2009

English Lesson Part 2

Real men play rugby....and rugby players eat at Nando's! haha...matt and i had lunch next to 4 of the players from warrington the other day. mmmm Nando's is lovely food!

bathing suit = swimming costume

you don't go to a movie, you go to the cinema (and it's just as expensive here as at home...)

in a car:
trunk = boot
hood = bonnet

english drivers are crazy! I think 50 mph is slow to them...or atleast it's the average speed...unlike our average 30 or so around town...maybe 35 at most.

you are never safe crossing the street...i've already almost died once.

pies are filled with meat and potato or vegetables, not fruit.

chavs (little english punks who just look for fights and are rather cruel) are awful

chippies are amazing (fish n chips shops that have a rediculous selection of food...chinese, pies, battered sausage, and pretty much anything else you could ever want)

when all else fails, why not just hang out in the pub!

i finally learned how to work my umbrella the other night :)
and, the scottish are still impossible to understand

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