Saturday, February 14, 2009


yesterday was such a good day. i got up, went to morning devotionals. and the boys suprised all us girls with roses. which was so sweet of them!

then i got to go work my first shift at the coffee shop here. i've missed working with coffee soo soo much! I'm so excited to be back at it and learning more about the art and history of coffee. it's nice to work in a place that truly cares about the quality of the coffee they serve!

after that i played a little ping pong with my poor sick roommate. and got an email with the most exciting news. my brother is engaged! how awesome is that! seriously, it's such a blessing! his fiance is amazing and i can't wait for her to be my sister-in-law :D

also, friday and saturday nights are open flat nights so the guys are girls are allowed in the first floor kitchen/livingroom areas in the flats. it's the only time we're allowed to go into eachothers flats so it's nice to just hang out with eachother. flat 9 (my flat) was definitely the place to be last night. we had some seriously sweet music going on...rach was on her guitar and lydia on her violing and eventually they let me join in with the harmonica..yeah, that's right...i was playing the harmonica! haha. it was sweet and more and more people kept venturing over and eventually we were just having a sweet worship session. seriously, what an amazing way to spend a friday night!

all of this was of course followed by ridiculous amounts of laughter in my room before bed.


"two things...your leaves are purple...and they are green."

<3 I LOVE my flat! and especially my room :D

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