Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I think I’m officially an English person….I successfully even write the date like they do without even thinking of it. I’m gonna be one confused monkey when I get home! Haha. Okay so I suppose that really doesn’t make me an English person at all….

I just finished my second day of classes, and let me just say it is gonna be a lot of work this semester, but I’m so excited for all I’m going to learn! My classes are great. Tuesday and Thursdays I have Romans and intro. to biblical Hebrew (yikes! Learning Hebrew looks like it’s gonna be tough already..but I’m determined to do it!) Hermeneutics and Apologetics. I have 2 teachers, each teaching two of my classes. It’s a neat little campus here..only about 40 students and one of my classes only has 5 people in it. I have a feeling by the end of the semester we’ll all be one big family.

I’m slowly but surely finding my way around this new city. I haven’t been lost again since that first episode..but I also haven’t freely wandered the way I did that day. I’ve been pretty careful about how far I go and remember (or at least trying to remember) my way back!

I’m definitely falling in love with york. It’s absolutely freezing, but so beautiful! Okay, that was quick I know..but they’re closing the coffee shop early so I’m getting kicked outta here and off the internet!

Miss you all, but I’m definitely loving it here!
Thanks for prayers and such.

OH! and….mail…please send me love letters ☺ it’s so nice to hear from home!

Julie Arthurs
9 Barbican Road
YO10 5AA

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