Thursday, February 19, 2009

So, I've been sick and stuck in bed for two days straight now...i figure by like 8:30 tonight I will have slept about 38 of the past 48 hours...yeah, that's a lot of sleep! especially for me! It's been no fun really, i've missed two days of classes which i now have to make up for, and i'm going stir crazy just laying in bed all the time. But luckily i think all this sleep has been paying off as i'm slowly but surely feeling a bit better and laughing a bit more.

what a blessing though! our internet in the flat seems to be sort of working again! it's not always reliable...and when to many people get on it's really really slow...BUT...even the possibility of being able to connect from our flat is nice.

Other than being sick, not much is new here. I get to work in the coffee shop for my M1 which is such a blessing. I'm so excited to really learn about the art and history of coffee which is something i've wanted to learn more about for a long time and just haven't really had anyone to teach me. so i'm really quite excited for this opportunity to work with people who really care about the quality of their out tri cities..i'm coming home pickier than ever about my coffee!

anyway, since i've not uploaded one are my lovely roommates!

oh how i love these girls! :)

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