Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tuesday Feb 3

So we had our orientation today. It was really nice to finally sit down and get some direction and find out what my schedule will be like. Looks like I’ll have Fridays off except for devotionals from 8:30-9 in the morning. We have no classes Mondays but sometimes they plan activities for those days. So I’ll have most of my Friday, Saturdays, and most Mondays to myself to venture around. We have a course which gives us credit for working around the church whether it’s child care, landscape/maintenance stuff, or the one I’m crossing my fingers I get, working in the coffee shop the church runs. Let me tell you this is the most amazing coffee shop. Its built in on of the gate towers of the roman walls surrounding the building…and it’s beyond cute! There is a little teeny wooden door in the stone wall I have to duck to get through, and it’s a little two story cafĂ©. Downstairs some seats and the espresso, upstairs a library of Christian books, more seating and some nice couches and such. I think I would live here at the Walmgate Bar if I could!

the outside of walmgate our little coffee shop:

the cute little door:

We had a BBQ today at orientation and it was nice to have some real all American food. The pastor was out cooking in the snow, it was quite a sight! Some of the biggest snow flakes I’ve ever seen were coming down from the sky that’s for sure!

I think I’m going to learn to love York. It is so pretty. And I’ve met some pretty cool people. I’m not really close to anyone in particular, but I’ve had a few good conversations with a few people. Of course I wish I had more of an opportunity to meet the guys here, when I have had an opportunity to sit and chat with them I’ve really enjoyed their company. I’m just not used to being around girls so much! It’s hard being in separate flats but I know they’ve planning some open flat nights where they open up a living area of one of the flats for guys and girls to go hang. And now that I’ve made my way over to the coffee shop I’m sure I’ll bump into a few of the here at one point or another! So hopefully

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