Friday, February 6, 2009

February 6

so...i had my first visitor today! :)

Aaron caught the train over from uni to visit for the afternoon. we spend all morning walking around york so he could show me all his favorite places and shops. it was nice to have someone who sort of knew their way around with me for once. and boy was it nice to see a familiar face! we walked for hours, and stopped for tea, and later for coffee. any excuse to sit inside and warm up for a bit! but we also took a walk down by the river which was nice as i hadn't been down there yet and it is quite pretty. to be honest, all of york is quite seems no matter what street you turn down there is an old church just around every corner that just takes your breath away. after having our fill of walking circles around town we went to check out York Minster. We went in and took a walk through the minster just being blown away by it's size and the amazing detail in the carvings, windows, walls...just everything was absolutely breathtaking. And it was all made for Jesus which is just awesome.

we took the tower tour and climbed up a billion teeny little steps on this skinny spiral staircase to get up to the tip top of the minster...

first stop was the rooftop rail walk...then more stairs that just seemed to get steeper and scarier as we went up. it's a miracle neither of us fell up or down those stairs!

it was a lovely day indeed. i got to explore new bits of York, found the way to the train station, and finally a place with a good internet connection...Borders. haha. yay! :)

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